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Future is for those who make it come

You sometimes smell like rain... or maybe like old books... or freshly cut grass... All those things that I like and miss and sometimes feel like time is chambered in small spaces with high walls and once you leave a room you can never go back nor even catch a glimpse. Just feed yourself with memories. Fading memories. But maybe life is like riding a mary-go-round and someday you go back. Only for leaving again. But of course, that happnes only if, at a certain crossroad you pick the right road to walk ahead. If not... Well, if not, maybe there is always a way to go back. You just have to wait. I always thought that things which are meant to happen will happen. In a certain miraculous way, they always did. But, in fact, that's up to you again. Because if you stick to something and just let things go by, that mary-go-round, that crossroad and those things meant to happen will just fade. So it's not about the fate. It's about making all happen, putting all the pieces togehte…

Poets of the Fall - Sorry go round