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She's gonna be a bitch, just like her mother

She's breeding her right. Little perfect outfits, little perfect nails and hair and fake smile. Tears for nothing and expensive dolls.
She's gonna grow up to be a bitch, just like her mum. A beautiful and fake woman, wearing expensive and tight clothes, tones of make-ul, face boobs and natural lips (it's not botox, it's just too much lipstick).
She's gonna be a hunter, like her mum. Hunting rich, older men with nice cars, a huge house, a fat bank account and maybe a small dick.
She's gonna be happy like her mother, because she's gonna get all she need, all she wants. She's gonna pin in her agenda a few things adding up to a fabulous wedding, fake friends, lies, lack of love (given, received... well, there is a chance)
She's gonna live a perfect little life not thinking about anything else, not wanting anything else. She's not gonna have a big purpose, great ideas and she ain't gona make good deeds. Just like her mum. She's gonna realize, som…