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Lack of innocence

What's innocent? Sometimes I feel like I've never been there... or maybe just don't want to go back. Don't read dirty thoughts in these words "lack of innocence". It's just that it's like a lack of freedom. you know? When you lose youself into someone else and than you drag that someone else with you. I'm sorry, but I don't wanna be dragged with you and don't even like that much the idea that you're lost for me, with me, in me or whatever. I want innocence in a more "the start of time" way... you know, a bit more away, a bit more lost, each of us inside our own thoughts. A bit more dirty and maybe cold. You know... like you can sit with youself for a coffee and you have so much to talk about that you don't get borred and forget that the coffee is already cold.
What's innocent, if I may ask? Of course we hide, of course we go on with the same old things and of course none of us wants to stop, even tough I get behind fro…