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Revenind la fericire... cele 15 metode sa o atingi

...Alese, bineinteles, stiintific :) Asa zic... cercetatorii. Ia sa vedem.

1. Get in touch with your inner animal
Pot sa zic, cu acordul celor din jur, ca aici pot sa bifez mai multe casute :))

2. Attempt to break a habit
Ei bine... aici... attempt da, succed... not really. Sau, cel putin, nu imi vin habiturile in minte.

3. Make 75.000$ and not one penny more
Ei... astea sunt vise.

4. Shorten your commute to 20 minutes
Hmmm.. si pe asta am dat-o gata.

5. Say thank you more often
Zic oricum mai often decat e cazul, asa ca o trec si pe asta pe lista

6. Grow up
Eh, na... Never!

7. Find a mate
Found him!

8. Speed up your thinking
Da, si aici stau bine

9. Buy plane tickets instead of iPads
N-am iPad, dar plane tickets iau intr-o veselie

10. Have morning sex
Well, who doesn"t?

11. Get 6 hours and 20 minutes of sleep
Da... I'd wish...

12. Drink 4 glasses of wine per week
Da, sunt pe acolo. I'll try harder :D

13. Eat fruits and veggies every day
Si pe asta o bifez

14. Hit the gym and keep thin