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Your secret is safe with me

You exchange a secret for another. You feels safe. It's like you pay if you say something in exchange and all is clear. The problem is that sometimes you pay to much, because you're vulnerable. And I let you pay and one day I'll make you pay even more. But this time, for all those things you said.

Never underestimate a nice, kind and innocent face. Devil comes in all forms and shapes.But I don't consider myself evil, I just need you to pay for all those things you made wrong. Not towards me. Towards everyone. So, evil comes in all forms and shapes and it's not there to make you suffer. It's there to make you suffer and pay for your mistakes in order for you to become a better human being. Yeah, who are we kidding?! Human beings never change, but sometimes get absolution. :)

Don't shiver. It's written for you, or you or the next one to you. Those who is written for will never read it so will never know what it comes. Stop messing with those close to me. Th…