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... and then you die

You only have one chance, and than you die!
- you said when I had to make a tough decision. A life changing decision - 
Life is full of opportunities
-you said when the stupidly amazingly great chancewhich I have taken before, just blew up in my face and I was left with nothing. Not even with what I had before I took it - 
You have to do something. You make your own luck. You work for it, you have it. There's no time for waiting around.
- you said when I was waiting for all those opportunities to come my way and none of them showed up -

Exista scuze, explicatii si blame it on that thing pentru orice. In engleza, romana sau ce o fi... Si, indiferent de zidurile dupa care ne ascundem, in principal de noi... realitatea ramane aceeasi...

What's your impossible list?

Tipul asta  si-a pus pe blog un impossible list, care e partial awsome si, in ciuda imposibilitatii lui, partial realizat deja.

Si, what's your impossible list?

da, da, care o fi a mea... cand voi avea timp voi posta :p